Online test is a kind of a preparation test which is taken before the actual exam with the purpose of ascertaining your likely result in the competitive exam. Online tests are taken by a number of candidates and are being conducted in similar pattern and difficulty level like the actual exam. Final result of an online test will help the candidate in knowing where they stand among the other candidates for a particular exam. After taking good online test, the candidates would be able to evaluate where they stand today and in which direction they have to make efforts in order to achieve success in the exams. It can be said that online tests direct a candidate towards the right path to success. In case of competitive examinations, online tests are the only way to know the current position of a candidate and a successful student surely know the importance of an online test.
Pathantu believes that the students are largely benefitted from taking the Pathantu online test series and Pathantu kindly guarantees it. The candidate’s money will be refunded in case the quality of online tests and videos are not meeting the satisfaction level.
Candidates can view the result of each and every online test once after completing the test. The report of the results will cover sectional cut off’s as well as over all cut offs, topic-wise accuracy and analysis of the time taken along with the analysis of the candidate’s performance.
The online tests of Pathantu are not online tests in general but they are specific to the particular exams. For instance, all banking examinations such as IBPS, RBI, and SBI are different in a way or the other. Many academies provide same tests for all exams but here at Pathantu we make sure that we provide online tests for different exams accordingly.
Our online tests are prepared by experienced faculty with a number of necessary inputs like pattern of previous year question papers, patter of exams conducted recently, changing trends over previous patterns such as IBPS conduct many exams in a year including banks, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, PF authorities etc. For example, while creating online tests paper for IBPS PO, our experts take into consideration the question paper of IBPS PO for the last few years, along with other recent exams conducted by IBPS such as SEBI officers, RBI officers, LIC, AAO, etc. The purpose of these extensive exercises is to come up with the online tests of all difficulty levels so that the candidates are prepared enough to face every twist in the actual exams.
Pathantu has lots of students who are indulged in taking online tests which are provided by their institutes. But our students tell us that they never had such a good experience like they had with Pathantu. We are different in the following ways- • Personalized and experienced mentorship that can direct students towards success and keeps them focused on the right path. • We provide exam specific mock test not all purpose general question papers. • We provide detailed sectional and overall cutoff result report along with accuracy analysis, time-taken analysis and student’s performance according to the different topics.
Our videos will cover topics across verbal ability (English), quantitative ability (Mathematics) and subjects related to reasoning.
Subject tests are untimed tests which means they don’t limit you with time so that candidate can attempt for more and more questions and can also understand the concepts. After taking subject tests, candidates can move to online tests which are full length tests with same pattern, difficulty level and time restrictions just like an actual exam. Online tests are directed towards tuning a candidate’s exam strategy along with improvement of speed and accuracy of the student.
Ideally, the students must take at least 1 or 2 tests before they even properly start their preparation. Students may think that they will waste their time in conducting online paper, but it is said that practice never goes waste. The performance in the online test will give the candidate important clues about what to prepare, how to prepare and where to focus and most importantly up-to what extent. Hence, the earlier start will benefit the students accordingly. Pathantu recommends that for PSU/ banking objective type exams, the candidate should start taking mock tests at least 60-90 days before the exam. There should be an aim of writing at least 15-20 online tests before the day of the actual exam. For video sessions, the candidate should start well before 120 days of the actual exam so that the studying has enough time to grasp the concepts properly to the deep.
But this doesn’t mean that online tests and video lessons will only help when taken 90 days prior to the actual exam. We also have a number of students who have taken the online test one day before the exam and mapped out their strategy depending on their result and Pathantu feedback. It has benefitted many students without any doubt. But if the comparison is done between taking online tests and video lessons early and previous day of the exam, better results will be derived with early preparation.
If the candidates are facing problems regarding the payment system, they can opt for transferring the money into Pathantu’s bank account from their bank branch with the help of NEFT.
The candidate will get one attempt for each one test. If the candidate has taken five online test series, then he/she will be able to take each of the five mock tests. However, after attempting, the candidate can login to the exam system for reviewing every online test, questions, and answers for unlimited period of time.
Pathantu will keep adding new tests series as the exam dates come closer. The candidate can see all online tests that are currently available here. Please contact Pathantu in case the students need any online test and Pathantu will try to provide matter with the expected guidelines.
The candidate should choose Pathantu because one should compromise with their performance in competitive exams for a few hundred bucks. Pathantu’s online tests are high quality question sets which are created specifically for each and every exam by a group of personalized and experienced experts.
Pathantu provides one-on-one faculty mentorship. Because of the number of efforts Pathantu makes, it incurs a lot of cost which is being reflected in its pricing. Pathantu suggests students to take online tests from Pathantu, experience the exam, result report and faculty mentorship and after this if candidates feel that they are not getting their money’s worth, Pathantu will refund their money back without asking any question or implementing condition.